Healthy Home-cooked Meals for your Baby

Soon your baby will start to eat solid foods. And you are absolutely excited about it. You’re probably starting to search for ideas on how to prepare the healthiest food for your baby. Of course, there are so many home-made food ideas everywhere. But which one do you think is the best for your little one?

baby eating

In your choice of the best food that you prepare for your baby, there are several things that you need to think about. It’s not just about what’s delicious and not, it’s more on the complete nutrition that your baby gets.

Baby Home-cooked Food Ideas

Since you’re too excited about your baby’s first solid food eating, you definitely wanted to prepare it yourself.  Clearly, making your own baby food can be easy, fast and doesn’t require too much effort. Yet, there’s just one thing that you need to think about, is it safe for your baby?

Not because your baby is ready for solid, you can just prepare anything for him. First, remember that there are foods that are packed with allergens and gas-inducing. Thus, you need to make sure that you stay away from these foods. Foods like eggs, milk, soy and nuts, some other types of shellfish may contain allergens. Some of the foods that may cause bloating are beans, wheat, all the dairy products as well as onions.

If possible, make sure that you go with healthy and organic food options. Remember, your baby’s stomach is not yet ready for harsh and harmful chemicals. You might want to stay away from foods that are packed with insecticide. You need to be extra careful with this.

Home-cooked Foods to Consider

Here are some of the foods that you might want to try at home.

Pureed Carrots

carrotThis is probably one of the easiest yet the healthiest food that you can let your baby chomp. Preparing it is even simpler. Just peel and slice the carrots, steam or boiled them. You can use a blender to make a puree. It is such a perfect first baby food.

Baby-Friendly Beef

This is your baby’s first beef taste. Meat contains a good amount of protein, vitamin B and even iron that your baby definitely needs. Preparing it may vary. Just make sure that it’s soft and easy to munch. You can pair with potato puree for a complete meal. You just need to add little salt and pepper.

Banana Munch

banana foodBanana is also considered as one of the healthiest fruit that your baby needs. This is a simple one. Peel the banana, mash it with fork. You can add some milk or yogurt to add more flavors. This is one of the introduction foods for 6 month-old babies.

Warm Cereal

You can prepare this to have your little one taste some grains. Use a blender to grind the cereal into pieces. Boil it and add some milk or other combination of flavors that you want your baby to taste.

There are still so many other easy to prepare home –cooked foods that you can make for your baby. If you aren’t sure and if your baby got some allergies, the even suggest that it’s better visit a professional to make sure that your baby is eating healthy and safe foods.

Great Food for the Car

Have you been in a situation where you have to make a stop while going for a road trip because you’re too hungry? Then would you rather go through that same feeling again? Of course not! Learning from that, you should know that it is important that you prepare and pack some foods when you’re up for a long road tripping.


Then you’ll ask the question – what should I bring? The answer really depends on your likes. Yet there are just some factors that you need to remember in order to make things easier and lighter for you. That way you won’t end up carrying a whole box of good just because you don’t want to starve.

There are some simple yet very important tips that you need to remember.

  • Keep it simple. Remember, you’re in the car and so you can’t afford to eat huge, complicated sumptuous foods. Something that you can pick and eat without hassle.
  • No to odors. Who wants to eat smelly foods inside the car? Getting rid of odors in a car is not that easy. The com even reminds us the best way to deal with matters of the car.
  • No tiny mess. Although you would want to eat simple, make sure to stay away from foods that will possibly leave pieces of granules in the car. Those small pieces of foods are just so hard to spot and clean.
  • Stay healthy. Your food options should always boil down to what is healthy. Some may call guilt-free car snacks, keeping you in control and better while on the road.

Some Foods you can put on your List

Following are some of the best suggestions you might want to consider adding to your list of foods for your next road trip.

Fruits and lots of it. This is one of simplest and the healthiest option for you. You don’t have to through some cooking spree. Take out your favorite fruits, cut them into cubes and store it in a container. Easy and healthy!

Sandwich is best. The best way to ease your hunger is to eat a sandwich with your favorite sandwich spread. You’re taking a long trip, but you’re eating the best sandwich in the world for you.   

Cookies and biscuits. There are too many cookies and biscuits you can bring. Just make sure that you choose the ones with fewer crumbs to avoid little mess in the car.

nutsNuts. Hungry? Sleepy? Eat some nuts. Not only it will ease your hunger, but will keep you awake and focus.

More food Ideas

Eating while you’re on the road sounds like real fun, especially when you’re out for some longer road trips. You probably have to drive while eating. In which will challenge you to stay focus. That’s the reason why you need to choose the most ideal foods to bring. It should be something that you can eat single-handed. Or better yet, have the person beside you feed you. Long road trips can also be tiring. Thus, choose energy-boosting foods to keep you wide awake. Avoid foods that will make your feel thirsty and dehydrated.





The Simple Basics of Healthy Cooking For the Whole Family


We all recognize we need to eat better we are bombed with that message day & night, as if we couldn’t express from our own health and increasing waistlines. One of the simplest ways to eat well is to cook for yourself, but occasionally figuring out how to simply master healthy cooking can be a bit of a bore. Here are several ways take turn aware recipes into healthy cooking recipes, in addition to tips on how you can join healthy eating into your everyday lifestyle.

A basic mistake numerous people make when trying well cooking for the first time is trying recipes that are too complicated for the regular cook. To make low-fat recipes, take dishes you are acquainted with and try substituting or removing materials to create a lower fat version pan-fry or sauté in its place of deep fry, try low fat cheese or skim milk in its place of whole. You can even “fry” chicken by breading it with low-fat bread examines and baking it in the oven with a little olive oil in its place of vegetable oil or shortening. Making these humble healthy cooking changes will give you further confidence in the kitchen and will let you to branch out and try more difficult dishes or new ones, to add to range of low-fat, well meals.


Another method to commit to healthy cooking is to practice lunchtime planning. This is where you chart out your day & make sure that you have your chief meals and snacks laid out, with healthy selections available to you either by carrying items from home or by planned menu ordering at cafés. This way you won’t be starving at any one specific mealtime and likely to scrap the healthy consumption habits and dive into a caloric certainty. You can constantly carry bags of snacks with you carrot sticks, or a trickle of almonds to tide you over among cooking times, so that when you head in the kitchen you’ll be ready to keep your commitment to healthy cooking.

Don’t overlook that healthy cooking can be amusing. Just because veggies are best for you doesn’t meant they have to taste bad. Lob them into a low-fat stir fry for a rapid and healthy Asian inspired meal, or try vegetarian tacos or wraps in its place of the traditional high-fat meat choices. And you certainly don’t have to skip dessert when you’re in the healthy cooking. Trial with low-fat recipes that use normal sweeteners like honey or simmered or grilled fruit to make rich-tasting and filling desserts.

And don’t forget to get the entire family involved in well cooking. The household that cooks together will eat together, since everybody has been involved in the procedure. Let the children scout out low-fat and healthy procedures in cookbooks or on the web & shop for and cook the meal together, for an amusing family experience. Healthy cooking doesn’t have to be unexciting. It can taste excessive& be good for you as well.